Finesse activities

FINESSE partners are committed to ensure that our activities are made known to the whole scientific community, through dissemination of the FINESSE research results. We also believe that direct engagement with the public via outreach activities are primordial to understand the opinion of the general public on distributed fibre sensing systems and communicate to the society the benefits of the technology developed in the network and to attract high school graduates to pursue a scientific or engineering career in photonics.

FINESSE will participate in dissemination activities and organise the following public engagement activities:

Dissemination  of the research results

  • Scientific publications and conferences: The network partners have a strong record for publication in the best publication outlets in thier disciplines, and will continue to publish results from the project in such journals. All ESRs will be strongly encouraged to actively participate in and organize dedicated sessions at international conferences. FINESSE partners are committed to open access publishing of research results. The scientific results obtained from the FINESSE proposal will be published in high-profile, high-impact peer-reviewed journals in the field of photonics.
  • Organisation of special sessions on FINESSE at international conferences
  • Exploitation of results and intellectual property: The consortium will encourage the exploitation of results obtained in the framework of FINESSE through efficient transfer into other research settings such as applications for new collaborative research grants, or, if appropriate, via commercial exploitation opportunities (patents, licensing deals) for novel technological developments.

Communication and public engagement

  • Web-based outreach: The FINESSE website will guarantee a large dissemination of the results, by providing a non-specialist overview of the project’s objectives and results meant for the general public.
  • Social network groups: Social network groups complement the more technical internet-based transfer-of-knowledge and communication facilities on the FINESSE network website. The group will be accessible to the public for direct interaction the with FINESSE consortium.
  • Podcasts and videocasts: Podcasts and videocasts of selected public lectures, lab demonstrations and interviews with ESRs and PIs. Selected courses in Training Events will be assembled in one or several MOOCS.
  • Open Lab Days: Yearly open lab days, organized for scientific discovery, will be used as springboard by ESRs to invite students to the laboratories and present their research projects and results “hands on” to a general audience.
  • Lectures at secondary schools and public events: FINESSE supervisors and ESR fellows will deliver lectures and presentations to high-school students and broad audience to increase awareness and curiosity for science and photonics  among high-school students to encourage higher education studies at university level.