Public-engagement activities in FINESSE

FINESSE ESR Arianna on Radio3Scienza, Italy

Our FINESSE ESR Arianna Piccolo was on November 7th, on the Italian radio (Radio3 Scienza, RAI), during their daily appointment which was then dedicated to the 150th birthday anniversary of Marie Skłodowska-Curie. She was invited to speak about the Polish double Nobel prize and her experience within a MSC action, FINESSE. Please click here to listen.

Noche Europea de los Investigadores, September 2017, Alcala, Spain

Our ESRs presented our ITN during “La noche Europea de los Investigadores” (the European Researchers’ Night) and interacted with the public on the importance of distributed optical fibers in the society.

Regina:I was amazed being part of this event, and it was particularly special to be a representative of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. I was very proud of introducing the FINESSE project among the younger citizens and the general public, even though the task could be quite challenging. Through this event, I was able to show my research and share my personal experience to the public, and also explain what led me to be in the University of Alcalá with the support of the MSC program of the European Union. On a more personal note, it was amazing to meet and talk to one of the MSC officers, which allowed me to discover new funded projects by the program and understand a little more about the network. At the end of the event, I believe the citizens were captivated by European projects, the students were introduced to possibly new career paths and the children were amazed by all the ludic and scientific activities. I hope to also contribute the next years!”.

Innovation days at EPFL, March 2017, Lausanne, Switzerland

In March 2017, at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) ITN-FINESSE members had a booth where they could explain the principles of distributed optical fibre sensing during the STIL exhibition (Salon des Technologies et de l’Innovation de Lausanne) at Swiss Tech Center. This event is a space for dialogue and exchanges around innovation and technology, and also entrepreneurship. The STIL is opened to all public and allows gathering engineers, technology enthusiasts, and people simply eager to learn more on technological advances. The purpose of the day is to give an interesting and playful way for the visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises. The FINESSE project, which was also presented to the public and Swiss Industrial partners present at STIL, generated a lot of interest and some prospective students were invited to apply for FINESSE PhD positions

ITN-FINESSE YouTube channel

Our project has a YouTube channel, check it out here.

You can hear the experiences (ESRs and beneficiaries) as MSCA fellows from

ESR Marie Gruber (VUB)


Thomas Crispeels (VUB)

Thomas Geernaert (VUB)

Sylvie Delepine-Lesoille (ANDRA)

Ph.D. research project presentation ESR Arianna Piccolo

Check out the video of ESR Arianna Piccolo from Andra, who presented her Ph.D. research project in a video for a French conference called “Rencontres universitaires de génie civil” (universitiy meetings of civil engineering), organised by the French civil engineering university association (AUGC).